Student life in Puerto Rico


Student life in Puerto Rico


Most academic institutions in Puerto Rico have offices or programs that provide different services for national and international students, in the interest of supporting them in their academic and personal development, facilitating their integration into student life.

Some of these programs include: educational, vocational and personal orientation; tutoring programs; assistance in case of emergency; support for persons with disabilities or special needs; basic health care; development of social integration activities; orientation regarding procedures and processes; sponsoring of educational, cultural and sports activities, and others. Learn more about the services available to you as a student.

On the other hand, in different cities you will find a great variety of cultural, touristic and entertaining options to suit all tastes, which will make your studies a unique and unforgettable experience. An example of this is the acknowledgement of San Juan as the 2014 Capital of Ibero-American Culture.

We invite you to visit our Schedule of Cultural, Educational and Promotional Events (Agenda de eventos culturales, educativos y de promoción) to learn about the great variety of announcements, courses, festivals, performances, competitions and other events where you will learn, have fun, and even display your achievements or your personal abilities while you study in Puerto Rico.


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