Frequently asked questions


What is Campus Puerto Rico?

Campus Puerto Rico is a national project that has the support of the public and private academic institutions of the country, and seeks to promote Puerto Rico as an academic destination for international students worldwide.


Why study in  Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico offers a solid educational system, an affordable, bilingual experience, and an education with the same quality standards as the United States, with the fun and charm of the Caribbean. All in all, you can live and study where others go for vacation. Visit the section titled Why Study in Puerto Rico?


What is the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States?

Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. jurisdiction. Therefore, both Puerto Rican and American citizens share the same legal system and use the dollar (USD) as their official currency. The official languages are Spanish and English, and the academic institutions are governed by the same quality standards as any university in the United States.


Which universities or programs can I apply to?

Puerto Rico has 154 higher-level education institutions accredited by prestigious international entities that offer a multitude of programs in 38 fields of knowledge. You will find very detailed information in the section titled Our Higher-Level Education Institutions.


Which requirements should I meet to study in Puerto Rico?

There are certain requirements and general procedures required by most Puerto Rican educational centers, and also, there are specific requirements and procedures established by each program of study that you must keep in mind when preparing your application. Visit the Admission Requirements and Procedures section.


Do you need a visa to study in Puerto Rico?

If you are an American citizen or a legal permanent resident of the United States, you do not need a visa. Most foreign students need some type of visa depending on the duration and the reason to stay in Puerto Rico. For more detailed information, visit the Visas section.


What benefits does an American citizen have access to in order to study in Puerto Rico?

All American citizens can benefit from any of the exemptions, financial aid, loans and federal funds offered by the United States to study in Puerto Rico.


Can you have a job while studying in Puerto Rico?

Most foreign students are required to have some type of visa depending on the duration and kind of degree that they want to study on the island. There are many types of visas, each of them with certain restrictions and some allow you to work while you study. You should determine what kind of visa you need depending on what you want to study in Puerto Rico and apply for such visa at the appropriate United States embassy in your country. For more detailed information, visit the Visas section.


How much is the cost of studies in Puerto Rico?

The cost of studies varies depending on the program and the academic institution of your choice. You can estimate the cost of studies by visiting the tab for each institution in the section titled Our Higher-Level Education Institutions.


How much is the cost of life in Puerto Rico?

There are several factors to consider in advance to calculate the cost of your stay in Puerto Rico, such as lodging, food, transportation, health insurance, tuition, materials, and taxes, among others. To know more about them, visit the section titled Before Departure.


Are there scholarships or financial aid for foreign students?

There is a great variety of financial aids that can benefit both national and foreign students who choose Puerto Rico as their academic destination, and even those who want to work at academic institutions. Visit the Financial Aid section for more information.


How can I find housing?

There are many lodging options whose cost vary according to their features: private, public, individual, shared, length of stay, included services, etc. We recommend that you visit the section titled Where to Live?


What is the admission process like?

Most academic institutions in Puerto Rico have offices or programs that provide different services for national and international students, in the interest of supporting them in their academic and personal development, facilitating their integration into student life. Your academic center will provide orientation about the requirements, procedures, deadlines, applications, tests, and documents that you need in order to succeed in your admission process.


What should you take into consideration before beginning studies in Puerto Rico?

Visit the section titled Before Departure to learn about everything you must consider before coming to Puerto Rico to study. This will help you make the best decision about your studies.


Which touristic places can you visit in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico has countless geographical features that make it unique: the only subtropical forest in the United States, three of the few bioluminescent bays left in the world, the largest radio telescope in the planet, the third largest underground river system on Earth, and one of the longest zip lines in the world. Discover the touristic attractions of the six regions in the Tourism in Puerto Rico section.

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