Admission requirements to study in Puerto Rico


Admission requirements to study in Puerto Rico

To apply for admission in a higher-education center in Puerto Rico, you must take into account two types of requirements and procedures: the general ones, required by most educational centers on the island, and the specific ones, that vary for each educational center and program of studies.


Requeriments and general procedures

To be admitted into a higher-education institution it is necessary to have a high school/secondary school diploma or its equivalent, or to have passed the General Educational Development (GED) test.


College Admission and Evaluation Test (Pruebas de Evluación y Admisión Universitaria or PEAU)

Most college institutions in Puerto Rico use the scores from the College Admission and Evaluation Test (PEAU) as a decisive criterion in the college admission process. The College Board organization is in charge of developing and organizing these tests in Puerto Rico.

The College Admission and Evaluation Test (PEAU) is administered three times per year: on February, June and November. The test consists of two parts that the students take the same day: the Academic Aptitude Test (Prueba de Aptitud Académica or PAA), which is divided in two areas, Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Reasoning, and the Academic Achievement Test (Pruebas de Aprovechamiento Académico or PACH) in the subjects of Spanish, Math and English.

The College Admission and Evaluation Test (PEAU) examines the knowledge and aptitudes of each student in order to fairly and objectively evaluate their probabilities of success in their college studies.

For graduate level admissions, some institutions require that students submit their scores for university admission standardized tests such as the EXADEP, or the GRE among others.


Procedures to complete the admission process


You must complete an application online, a paper application or apply by phone, depending on what the academic institution of your choice has established.

Application fee:

Universities, usually at the graduate level, require a non-refundable application fee when applying for admission. The cost of this fee varies depending on the academic institution and program of studies chosen. Learn more about the requirements and necessary documents to apply for admission to the program of your interest. Otherwise, your application might not be evaluated on time.


Requeriments and Specific Procedures

You must be aware of the deadlines for the applications and the required exams, and also visit frequently the webpage of the academic centers that interest you, in order to learn about any changes that could potentially affect your admission process.

There are majors such as medicine, law and others that require specialized admission tests. Thus, it is highly recommended that students are well aware of the specific requirements of the program that interests them.


Minimun Admission Score (Índice Mínimo de Ingreso--IGS)

The island’s educational centers require high school graduates a Minimum Admission Score (Índice Mínimo de Ingreso or IGS). This score is calculated based on the grade point average and the College Board aptitude tests scores. In order to be accepted into the major of studies of their interest, the students must have the required Minimum Admission Score or higher.


Specific Documents

ABesides the requirements established by most Puerto Rican educational centers, each institution can require specific documents that may vary if you are applying for admission to a bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate or any short term degree. These documents may be, for example, resume or curriculum vitae (CV), research projects, publications, language certificates, portfolio, letters of recommendation, among others. There are universities that even administer their own admission tests or interviews. You should be clear in terms of which specific documents you need in your particular case to have them ready in advance before your application for admission is submitted.


Special skills

Many educational centers on the island have specific admission programs for students specially skilled and talented in sciences, sports, arts and other fields of knowledge. Learn more about these programs, and also about the possibility of financial aid or tuition waiver that they may offer.

Ask for information at your educational center about all the procedures, deadlines, applications, tests, and documents that you need to succeed in your admission process.


Admission interview

Some programs require an in-person admission evaluation or interview. Graduate schools generally ask students to attend an interview to evaluate their skills and aptitudes. In the same way, many music and art programs require additional aptitude evaluations as part of the admission process. If necessary, it is important to schedule your trip to Puerto Rico so you are able to attend these interviews.


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