Financial aid


Financial aid

Studying in Puerto Rico offers multiple advantages in terms of the quality of the education, the bilingual learning and the possibility of propelling your professional career internationally. There is a great variety of financial aids that can benefit students who choose Puerto Rico as their academic destination, and even those who would like to work at universities or professional institutes.

All American citizens can apply for any type of scholarship, loan or federal fund from the United States to study in Puerto Rico, for example, the ones granted by the Federal Student Aid Office through their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This program also grants federal aid for international students with certain profiles and who meet particular requirements.

Latin American students can benefit from different financial aids granted by organizations that support higher-education, such as the Carolina Foundation (Fundación Carolina), among others. A long list of international entities could help you pay for your studies. You can find them on the list of scholarships at the Universia website.

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