East Region


In the East region of Puerto Rico, there is a diversity of natural attractions that draws a huge array of tourists. This region has beaches considered among the most beautiful in the world, in addition to El Yunque, the only subtropical forest of the US Forest Service.

Besides Vieques and Culebra, the most important islands, this region consists of the municipalities of Loíza, Gurabo, Juncos, Las Piedras, Canóvanas, Río Grande, Luquillo, Fajardo, Ceiba, Humacao, Naguabo, Maunabo and Yabucoa.

  1. Fajardo
  2. Vieques and Culebra
  3. Places of interest

It is the most important municipality of the East region and the nautical capital of Puerto Rico, and home of various sports spots with the latest technology and international level tourist centers. There you can take the ferry to the islands of Vieques and Culebra. Very close to all these tourist places, you can find the Inter American University, Fajardo Campus.


Cabezas de San Juan Natural Reserve

It is one of the most important natural protected areas on the island. Here you will find a great variety of ecosystems that include mangrove forests, reefs, and crystalline beaches.

El Conquistador Hotel

It is located at the top of a mountain from which you can contemplate the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It has attractions to suit all tastes, ages and budgets, such as the Coquí Water Park, pools and jacuzzis with an ocean view, golf course, game room, gardens, shops, boutiques and facilities for weddings and all kinds of social activities. Also, the hotel is one of the few access ways to Palomino Island, a small paradisiac island often visited on the East.

Playa Escondida

This paradisiac beach is located away from any noises. The water is quiet, clear and shallow. It is the perfect place to take a walk or spend a quiet day in front of the ocean. It has an extensive seashore that seems endless, close to some coral reefs that you can see.

Isla Palomino

It is a little paradise of white sand and crystalline water, perfect for playing beach volleyball, for snorkeling or any other water sport. On the island, you will find a restaurant, gift shops, restrooms, and other facilities. You have two options to get there: by private boat or using the ferry, free for El Conquistador Hotel guests, that offers trips every 30 minutes.

Balneario Seven Seas

It is one of the 10 best beaches in Puerto Rico. Besides being an excellent option for water sports, there is an area for camping and for trailer homes.

Some of the best known places in Puerto Rico are off the main island. A few miles off shore you will find the island-municipalities of Vieques and Culebra, which you can reach taking the ferry from Fajardo, or by plane, from the Isla Grande (San Juan) and Ceiba airports.


Known to Puerto Ricans as the “Isla Nena”, this island-municipality has a fascinating, exuberant and rich indigenous and colonial history. It is the biggest wildlife sanctuary in the Caribbean and home of one of the best beaches in the world.

Mosquito Bay

It is recognized as the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. You will be able to enjoy a nightly boat or kayak trip in its quiet waters. You will see neon green gleams in the darkness, an experience that you will never forget.

Fortín Conde de Mirasol

Situated on the top of the hill on the Isabel II village, it is the cultural and historical center of Vieques. In its museum, you will find permanent exhibitions of Taíno and Spanish tools and artifacts. Also, you will take a look at the remains of the Hombre de Puerto Ferro, a 4000-year-old indigenous man found on the island. From the fort, you will enjoy a unique panoramic view of the main island of Puerto Rico, Culebra, the Isabel II village and St. Thomas.

Vieques´s Ceiba Tree

This is probably the most photographed plant in Puerto Rico and part of the Mosquito Bay natural treasures. It is a 300-400 year-old tree of impressive size, sprouted roots and thorny branches. It is located to the Northeast of Vieques in front of the beaches that you can also visit.

Punta Mulas Lighthouse

It is located on the Isabel II village. It was built in 1895 to facilitate the entrance of ships into the port because the large amount of coral reefs in shallow waters made ships run aground.


Vieques has many paradisiac beaches with white sand, turquoise blue waters, green coconut trees, and great ecosystem varieties. Some of them have the Blue Flag distinction, and are ranked among the best in the world. In Vieques, you can visit the following beaches: Punta Vaca, El Gatillo, Escondida, Plata, Esperanza, Chiva, Punta Arenas, Media Luna, Navío, Aeropuerto, Pata Prieta, Playa Grande, and Sun Bay, which is the best known beach in Vieques.


This little Eden of barely 7 miles (11km) long is located to the north of Vieques, midway between Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. In Culebra you can visit several beaches of white sand and crystalline waters such as Flamenco Beach, ranked by Discovery Channel as the second best beach in the world. You can also enjoy Zony, Punta Soldado, Tamarindo and Melones beaches where you can do snorkeling and swim alongside turtles.


El Yunque National Forest

Located between the municipalities of Río Grande and Luquillo, it is the only subtropical rainforest in the US National Forest System. It has around 230 tree and diverse plant species, more than 16 amphibious species, 20 of reptiles, 11 of native mammals, 5 exotic mammals, and an approximate combination of 80 migratory native, summer and winter endemic bird species. Here you will enjoy cascades, rivers, crags, ferns and a multitude of flowers. You can obtain authorization for camping or picnics. Among the most visited attractions of the forest is the cascade known as La Mina, excellent for taking a plunge, and the waterfall known as La Coca, which is perfect to picture-taking. Another attraction is the Yokahu Tower, where you have a spectacular view of the forest. The visitors’ center has three pavilions: a theatre, a souvenir shop and a library with information about the forest. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this gem of our natural patrimony.

Balneario de Luquillo

This beach is known for its extensive seashore and quiet waters, where you will enjoy a great variety of water sports such as swimming, jet ski, snorkeling, kayaking and wind surfing. It has a camping area, restrooms, showers, access for persons with disabilities, basketball court, cafeteria, lifeguards, and security guards. Don’t miss the chance to visit the picturesque rustic food stands located in front of the ocean, where you will taste typical Puerto Rican cuisine dishes.

La Pared Beach

It is one of the best known beaches for surfing due to its good tide almost year-round. It has a large area for swimmers and green areas to rest from the intense sun.


This is one of the places on the island where African culture is most celebrated through food, music and traditions. Its patron saint festivities held in honor of Santiago Apóstol are one of its major attractions, especially due to the Vejigantes, typical carnivalesque characters that parade on the streets wearing masks and colorful costumes. Several artist groups from this town such as the Ayala Brothers and the Mayombes have worked to preserve the Bomba tradition, dance and music expressions from African origin, very important for our Puerto Rican culture. In Loíza you can visit La Torrecilla and Piñones lagoons, the Piñones State Forest and the following beaches: Pocita, Vacía Talega, Aviones and Chatarra. Take advantage of your visit to try the local delicacies such as the alcapurrias, mofongo and bacalaítos.

The Piñones Promenade

It is a recreational area located between the municipalities of Carolina and Loíza, very close to the Metro Area. It is excellent for cyclists, walkers and families that seek to enjoy the beaches, food stands and typical food restaurants present in the area. The promenade is parallel to the coast and goes through different beaches and roads in Piñones, offering the visitor a diversity of ecosystems.

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